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Have you tried creating a web map? There are two useful plugins available for QGIS via the Plugin repository, these are QGIS Cloud and QGIS Leaflet maps. If you want a basic interactive viewer where an end user can pan around, zoom in and out and basic interact with vector data then you should consider web mapping. A generated url is produced for your web ...


It sounds like you have already created the report that you want to place on your layout. The ArcGIS 10.2 Online Help has a page entitled Creating a report which says: From the Report Viewer, you can click the Add Report To Layout button to place the report on the map layout


i got it working by error handling. but now its not working on template where defination query is added. is i need to add definition query in code also? Code: import arcpy import sys import traceback mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(r"C:\Users\Abrar ahmad\Documents\ArcGIS\New_Rwp_Cencus(12-17-2014).mxd") try: df = ...

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