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So from my understanding of the comments, you are looking to share your shapefile data as a service and consume it using ESRI's JS API. From this understanding, I will outline one way of sharing and consuming your data using GeoServer although others like MapServer are similar. I prefer to get the whole OpenGeo suite from Boundless. It will come with a ...


It definitely should. One of the ways to test it is to publish a map service and access it with REST Service Directory JS API Viewer. Then go ahead and edit the attributes and geometry of a certain feature. If this attribute is used as the symbology field, after refreshing the page or zooming in and out (forcing the map image to re-draw), you will see ...


Thanks, alexgleith! The problem in my simple code is: authKey = 'admin:geoserver' request = urllib2.Request(url, json.dumps(params), headers) should be replaced as: authKey = base64.encodestring('%s:%s' % (un, pw)).replace('\n', '') request = urllib2.Request(url) for k in headers.keys(): request.add_header(k, headers[k])

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