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Since you are using Node.js, you can use the Node.js module for GDAL. Get country outlines (e.g. GSHHS data set from here). Then simply script a point in a polygon algorithm using GDAL (several approaches are possible but a simple one is to test for an intersect between your point and the appropriate country polygon).


I did some development a couple of years ago for a company called Avalara that provides commercial services (built on MapDotNet) for obtaining just that sort of information about tax jurisdictions for a given location by address or by coordinates.


I do not know of a Commercial Service, but the US Census Tiger Dataset has a lot of City Boundary information that is current as of 2014. These are supplied as Shape Files which could be loaded into a PostGres/PostGIS database You would need to implement a Reverse GeoCode Lookup (this is a link to Google's service) to obtain a Latitude/Longitude for the ...

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