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The Vision of Britain has Ecclesiastical Parish boundaries but I can't see them listed on the data download page. It may be worth contacting the project to see if they can supply them. Or you could consider using Civil Parishes as @Mapperz suggests. In both cases I think the issue will be that Britain is not completely covered in parishes.


If you are looking for a service, there is PickPoint. It engages nominatim and OSM for geocoding.


You can try PickPoint. It uses OSM data and can be configured to get back a response in default language (which is a language in what particular geodata was entered, commmonly in local language). If necessary you can specify desired language of a response.


You can try PickPoint. That's a pretty expeditious service providing geocoding as well as reverse geocoding by attractive price. You can even choose Free plan if the number of requests is below 2500 per day.

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