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I think that "node centrality" concepts, in the graph theoretic literature, may be helpful. Here is an introduction to centrality measures in graphs.


You could try the Identity tool, using your line features as the input, and polygons as the identity features: "When the Input Features are lines and the Identity Features are polygons, and the Keep relationships parameter is checked (relationship set to KEEP_RELATIONSHIPS), the output line feature class will have two additional fields, LEFT_poly and ...


Softree Technical Systems has been working with the University of British Columbia's Mathematics Department on vertical alignment and earthwork optimization technologies. See: http://www.publicaffairs.ubc.ca/2012/12/18/revolutionizing-road-design/ Please refer to our website http://softreeoptimal.com/ for further details or send me an email at ...


While there is some degree of convergence happening between GIS and civil engineering CAD tools, you are probably much better off with the latter type of, much more specialized, tool. Some examples of suitable civil engineering CAD tools: Softree's RoadEng is very good (I worked on it briefly) and relatively low-cost. Autodesk's (AutoCAD) Civil 3D is ...

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