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I might have found the culprit: the code checks the wkbType of the layer https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/blob/master/src/plugins/roadgraph/linevectorlayerwidget.cpp#L135 if ( vl->wkbType() == QGis::WKBLineString || vl->wkbType() == QGis::WKBMultiLineString ) mcbLayers->insertItem( 0, vl->name() ); but it returns a weird value for the ...


I think you are correct that the only way to update Waze is manually using the Waze Map Editor. To determine whether there is any unadvertised means to apply updates in the way you seek I recommend contacting Waze using their Contact Us page.


Kostas, I reccomend using a SQL Query to determine the distance values from your road network. Generally, when I do this I will calculate minimum distance or average distance to the boundary points. In this case I am not sure what value exactly you are looking to calculate to determine your raster value. This calculation will provide the minimum distance ...


As far as I can tell, OSM data does not define the road width, but there is a property named "highway" that describes the road type. You can use this property to symbolize different road types with different widths. For certain features, there may also be a lanes key, which you can use to get an idea of the actual road width. (But I would suspect that width ...

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