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Works for me in QGIS 2.6 with Processing 2.6 (on Win7) and the test data Spatialite file from the repository. If you are using different data, please share it. Check if network and points are in the same CRS.


Have you done the pgRouting workshop? The workshop should clarify the following: There are import tools for OSM data, so the network will contain the routing topology already after import. If you still want to use SHP files, then it explains how. Your bus stops have coordinates, so you just need to start from the nearest point in your road network. ...


ST_StartPoint() only accepts LineString as input. You'll have to strip your table down from MultiLineString to LineString, either by taking only the first element up each geometry ALTER TABLE foo ALTER COLUMN geom TYPE Geometry(LineString,4326) USING ST_GeometryN(geom,1) Or, more correctly, dumping the multis out, in case there are legit multis. ...


The way that I would try to answer your original question is to add a field to your roads and update it with a count of vertices. Add a Long Integer field Calculate that field using the Python parser to be equal to !shape.pointcount!, You can then use the vertex count field as, or to contribute to, your impedance field. You'll need to think about ...

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