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At the moment, I could only easily find data for the UK: http://data.dft.gov.uk/gb-traffic-matrix/Raw_count_data_major_roads.zip It's in .csv format so you can manipulate it in Excel or by using other softwares (much easier than pdf's!). It also contains coordinates to immediately import the points into GIS software (tested this successfully with QGIS). ...


You could calculate a buffer (not more than 5 meters) for the start- and endpoint of every linestring. Then, intersect the buffer with the road network. A line that doesn't intersect with the buffer is likely to be a "correct" unconnected road. However, you'll have to play with the buffer radius for satisfactory results.


If you want a GUI for pgRouting, you can install the pgRoutingLayer plugin for QGIS. It provides a GUI to access pgRouting functions to compute routes. The routes can be displayed and exported to QGIS layers which you can manipulate and analyze any way you want. You can see the plugin in action in the following screenshot (panel on the right). The plugin ...

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