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It will work if you switch your X and Y values. See for a full description of what is happening.


[Disclaimer - I am the author of the UI part of this software] ODL Studio is an open source desktop application for planning vehicle routes - so it will solve your problem. It's free and we have people using it in many different countries throughout the world. Download from here or watch the tutorial video here ...


I am a bit late to the party here. But you can use Grasshopper API - They have a matrices component that you can work within called the Matrix API There is also Mapzen Leaflet Routing Plugin or the Mapzen Valhalla engine as well as Mapbox Distance API which you can tap into the


There should be no technical reason against that: you can use raw OSM data and calculate a route between start and destination (defined by what???) and produce a routing graph line for that as an overlay. Then choose whatever tiles you want and you are allowed to, and use those tiles as underlay. But how will you handle situations where OSM data is ...

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