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You need to assign a grey color table (r.colors). To get an RGB composite run d.rgb (composite on the fly) or r.composite (saved as new map) or via graphical user interface (on the fly). And with i.landsat.rgb (called now i.colors.enhance in GRASS GIS 7) you can color-balance the natural colors.


You can use the semi-automatic classification plugin to do DOS in QGIS. It is a realy nice (user-friendly) and powerful tool that was improved very intesively since last year. It contains a pre-processing section where you can convert DN values to TOA reflectances and perform a DOS by the way.


check this site: ESA Earth Online. if you have any doubt read this: EO data distributed by ESA And see How to Access Data webpage for details. If you are interested in Copernicus Project check this site

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