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You can use data from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership, but it is quite recent (since 1992). For longer time series, you can use NOAA DMSP datasets (1992-2013)


One short comments regarding your other questions: Why is azimuth resolution worse than range resolution in Sentinel1 (SAR) You are absolutely right that sentinel TOPS have a worse azimuth resolution comparing with other data. This exactly the unique characteristic of TOPS. The working mode of TOPS (also including ScanSAR) is designed to sacrifice azimuth ...


I have a similar challenge, but the approach above using gdal_translate (througgh the gdal plugin in QGIS) does not work for my dataset. I work with a 3 band photo, angled and made into square GTiff's by using value of 65535 as NoData value. I've tried using gdal translate to make it into a single band image with nodata, and succeeded, but ImageBoundary ...

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