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You should see if using ESRI's satellite imagery or Mapbox's satellite imagery will work for what you need. If not, I know DigitalGlobe will sell you imagery, but I'm not sure how much it costs.


Here an example of the 'magnifying glass' I was referring to in the comments last night. It is actually known as zoom lens, and I just realized it does much more than zooming, but it can also display a different map, which is exactly what you are looking for, right? I am really amazed that this works, and luckily for you it has all been done with Mapbox, ...


The biggest data provider is DigitalGlobe. They also have the arguably best satellite (WorldView-3). You can buy directly from them, or you can go through one of the many resellers. A price of around 16$ per sqkm is usual for 4 spectral bands and 20$ for 8-bands - link to list with prices. A slightly cheaper option is Pleiades and SPOT data from Airbus ...


Two of the best commercial high resolution multispectral products available are Worldview-2 and Worldview-3. These sensors are commonly used for natural resources and biodiversity applications. You can learn more about these products here. Another more cost efficient option is to use RapidEye medium resolution imagery (details). Of course, if your budget ...

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