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The scale is simply the absolute distance on your paper devided by the actual corresponding distance in reality. So if you paper is 29,4cm (A4) this corresponds to 6km. So your scale is 1cm --> 204m or 1m --> 20000m or 1:20000 for a landscape-format A4-document (for panel-format this would be 21cm --> 6000m or 1:28500) As an aside you cannot assume that on ...


Hi I think I have calculated that 1pixel = 11.627km in straight-line; not taking into account the radius of the earth. Here the link of video that explain how: Hope that clear your mind.


Based on all the info provided, I have build a function that gives the best z applied to a map when you want to have an horizontal line that represent N% of the displayed Map. The displayed Map is caracterised by it own pixel width. function calculateZoom(WidthPixel,Ratio,Lat,Length){ // from a segment Length (km), // with size ratio of the of the ...


To calculate scale you need to know two things, a distance on the map and the length of the same line in pixels or inches etc. You then divide one by the other to give a ratio of 1pixel (or inch) to X metres (or feet). To make life easier we usually use the width or height of the map as we know the bounding box of the map, and the size of the image. If you ...

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