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A simpler approach that might not be giving you exact control is to use the "unit of measure" support. While I haven't tried, give this one a kick (GeoServer specific, OGC way would be quite a bit more verbose): <CssParameter name="font-size">100m</CssParameter> See also the docs for the OGC way: ...


From the answer at http://gis.stackexchange.com/a/72016/7515 I found out that a wms environment parameter can be used to get the actual scale denominator: <ogc:Function name="env"> <ogc:Literal>wms_scale_denominator</ogc:Literal> </ogc:Function> Now, the matter is to define a function that maps it to the desired range: map ...


You can create a grid of polygons for a set extent using the Grid Index Features tool (Cartography Tools > Data Driven Pages toolbox). The town shapefile will be the Input Features, make sure the 'Use Page Unit and Scale' option is checked, and enter the map scale. You can limit the output grid features to only areas wghic

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