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write 'D:\ne_10m_airports' as 'D:/ne_10m_airports' (change with uri formalism) or 'D:\ne_10m_airports' (escaping) or r'D:\ne_10m_airports' (r means raw string) regards


Found a solution from this post where I only had to add the following code to the script: from osgeo import gdal gdal.PushErrorHandler('CPLQuietErrorHandler') After adding the above and removing the try statement, the working script ignores the ERROR 1 messages: from osgeo import gdal gdal.PushErrorHandler('CPLQuietErrorHandler') def run(): ...


I am currently working with something similar, but I first set graphics for each feature in the featureSet and then add the graphics layer to the map (with map.graphics.add()), then iterate through the completed graphics array to get the union extent of its elements, using layer.graphics[i].geometry,getExtent(), then extent.union(ext), and finally ...


My advice is that you specify the output location. Something like this: output = "C:\yourfolder\yourgdb.gdb\DEM_park" Because it is not clear to me where is your DEM going, check your environment settings. EDIT: Oh, I see it now. You created a tif. GDB's cannot store tif format rasters, so of course it is not there at the default gdb. Then your output ...

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