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I would recommend, in order to see how QGIS views the values, to use the "all unique" button. You should get a list of values.


Finnally I have found the solution: "field" like 't' Thank you


You're using the selection tools incorrectly. Specifically, you're running two side by side and then adding a third when you just need two chained together. The output of your select by location should feed into your select by attributes. The current active selection is a single thing, so first you select within your buffer, then from that selection you ...


The problem you have apparently run into here is character encoding. Particularly when moving between programs and fonts as your Excel > Word > Arc pasting does, and single quotes are one of the worst characters for this issue. ` (upper left standard keyboard) and ' (next to Enter standard keyboard) are two different characters. Likely your 'shorter' quotes ...


Follow the prompts to say, you should make sure your input parameters for errors, such as layer names, field names, etc. In addition, if your data is in GDB, then your field names do not need to use double quotes.

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