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As commented by @MichaelMiles-Stimson: Intersect the layers. Spatial Join would work then you only need to select where VILLAGE <> VILLAGE_1. This will give you the locations.. are you after the specific points? if so use geodatabase feature class (static OID) then both OID (point and polygon) are in the attribute table, join by attributes to ...


For a File Geodatabases you could use - SUBSTRING(REGION FROM 1 FOR 3) = SUBSTRING(REG FROM 1 FOR 3) For a Shapefile use: SUBSTRING(REGION, 1, 3) = SUBSTRING(REG, 1, 3) I got the shapefile syntax from this Technical Article - HowTo: Compare a field with a substring in another field


Could be helpful for future: arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("pts", "NEW_SELECTION", "\"FID\" = "+ str(i)) In this example, value is int, but expression has to be str, thus just convert it str(i)and append it to expression. In addition, if the value is str i.e. i='0', then I would apply format, i.e. "\"FID\" = \"{}\" ".format(i)


The information you are looking for is hidden in a panel that is collapsed/minimized on the right-hand side of the dialog. Here's how you can access it:


Here is a small python script which will serve your purpose. # required import import arcpy # inputs # feature class path fc = r'C:\GISData\File Geodatabase.gdb\feature_class' # interval interval = 3 # --------------------- script ------------------------- # selected_oid = [] ready_to_add = False interval = abs(interval) fc = ...


Use Select by Attributes and enter MOD(FID, 5) = 0 Where FID is the fieldname and 5 is the multiple you want to select by. It may need to be "FID" or [FID]


No menu: Project >> Project Properties >> Selection color:

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