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You can update the location of the points on the bad shapefile to that of the good doing a join and then using the Field Calculator to update the location: Using ArcToolbox>Add XY to the good shapefile, if not already in attributes. Perform the Join. Now that the bad shapefile has the attributes you need AND the POINT_X AND POINT_Y fields, you can update ...


I had this exact problem and solved it from the python console with regex. While regex can be tricky it's very powerful. And you'll be left with a tool you can use with more difficult match cases. Here are the docs. and here is a nice online machine for testing your regex strings. Firstly here is the quick script I run to check my regex strings in qgis ...


You just gotta use the LIKE operator. For example, "TITLE" LIKE '%MINERAL CLAIM%' The % symbol acts like a wildcard.

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