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To answer your question about grabbing the layer from a clicked feature, you can do the following: map.on(ol.MapBrowserEvent.EventType.SINGLECLICK, function (e) { map.forEachFeatureAtPixel(e.pixel, function (feature, layer) { ... }); }


To do this I would: Copy your index layer in the table of contents and set its symbology to however you wish to highlight that polygon Set a Page Definition Query on the Definition Query tab of the Properties for the "copy of your Index" layer to keep the feature that matches it and that's it!


You can only write such SQL if you use Personal Geodatabase (ACCESS) and if you open the geodatabase in Access. In this case you can use the IIF function as follows: iif ( condition, value_if_true, value_if_false ) Here is an example. You can't use full featured SQL using Personal Geodatabases in ArcGIS Desktop, only limited SQL-like expressions to ...


I suggest this: SELECT TOP 3 * FROM MyTable WHERE NOT [Field2] = '%Variable%' ORDER BY [Field1] Example Let's start with an unordered table: +------------------+------------+ | rainbow_sequence | color_name | +------------------+------------+ | 2 | orange | | 3 | yellow | | 1 | red | | ...

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