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Use the buffer tool to create your 500m buffer polygons. Then use the intersect tool with your buffer layer as the only input. The output from the tool will be all the buffers that are overlapping with attribute information for each of the polygons that can be used to link back to your original plots.


This is now possible using just selections and a rule-based symbology. This requires the Expression Plus plugin. Create a rule based symbology with the filter of: QGIS 2.12+: isselected( @layer_name ) Or QGIS 2.8: isselected( 'ACTUAL_NAME_OF_LAYER' ) Now only the selected features that meet this rule will be shown.


I assume you are making your selections from the attribute table. You can actually set up a rule-based symbology, which will make selected features larger than non-selected ones, or even bring them to the forefront. This requires the Expression Plus plugin. First create your symbology. Then switch to a Rule Based symbology. Leave the original rule/rules ...


You can extract raster values of population density and land elevation to village point shapefile using Plugin: Point sampling tool which can be downloaded from plugin manager in QGIS. The tool works perfectly if the projection of the raster(s) data and the point shapefile are same. Working with different projections for the raster(s) and shapefile data ...


You need to connect the parts with AND or OR. ( "highway" ILIKE '%primary%' OR "highway" ILIKE '%secondary%' OR "highway" ILIKE '%tertiary%' OR "highway" ILIKE '%trunk%' ) AND "highway" NOT ILIKE '%trunk_link%'


In the bottom right-hand corner of the 'select by expression' window, there is the 'select' button: pull the drop-down to reveal the 'remove from selection', 'add to selection', etc. That should do it.


If you use the Identify Features button and click on a point where multiple polygons are present, you can right-click the attribute of the polygon underneath from the list and select Toggle feature selection. The polygon should now be selected:

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