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Try.. ## This script will look for all the layers that have feature selected in them in the TOC and export them in seperated shapefile. ##output layer name will be the original name+ _selected e.g. luzon_loss_selected import arcpy arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("CURRENT") df = ...


I've had this this situation, and came up with a novel solution: use the WMSGetFeatureInfo instead of the SelectFeature control, because it is able to return multiple features associated with a click event. Even though the WMSGetFeatureInfo is not supposed to be used with vector layers, it is possible to trick OpenLayers into thinking it is interacting with ...


This should work for a polygon layer (I've tested it in the QGIS Python console, QGIS v.2.8.1): from qgis.gui import QgsRubberBand from PyQt4.QtGui import QColor rbDict = {} # We need this to store the rbs we'll create layer = iface.activeLayer() # Create rubber bands for f in layer.getFeatures(): fId=f.id() rbDict[fId] = ...


If I am understanding you correctly, this funnctionality already exists in my Search widget which is a companion to my Attributes Tables widget.

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