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Given you're already familiar with Python I'd recommend taking a look at the cartopy library for plotting spatial data with matplotlib. It's a much nicer replacement to matplotlib-basemap. The basic idea of cartopy is that you can apply a projection to both your matplotlib frame as well as everything you're plotting to the frame. It also includes a lot of ...


1) For calculate the Vincenty distance, you need coordinates in longitude, latitude (degrees) and you choose WGS84 (look at with Geopy:distance) 2) The coordinates of your points are in meters: u'units': u'm' (according to your Proj4 string (+a=6378137 +b=6378137 +k=1 +lon_0 +no_defs +proj=merc +units=m +x_0 +y_0) As your coordinates are in meters, you ...

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