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If it's only for 50 people you can share it with Dropbox and it'll work. Another option that is a little complex, but very fast, is using S3 to host a static website. I think Dropbox would suit you better. You can do cool things then, like: it's versioned for a month (you can restore previous versions via the Dropbox web-interface). you can edit the file ...


You can do this, but you'll need to configure distinct host headers on the IIS sites used by ArcGIS Server (probably Default) and SharePoint (probably SharePoint - 80). The underlying issue is that SharePoint and ArcGIS Server use different directories on disk.


SpConfigUtility.exe To add components to particular web applications or site collections, use the -url parameter (e.g. "spconfigutility -install -url http://localhost:1234"). Multiple urls may be specified in one command (e.g. "spconfigutility -install -url http://localhost:1234 -url http://localhost:5678"). If the url is that of a web application (or site ...


I have not tested this, but I suggest looking at a Python library like python-sharepoint to copy data from the Sharepoint list and then use ArcPy to write it into a file geodatabase table.


Take a look at Query Layers. Load your parcel boundary layer into ArcMap Pull the information you require from your back-end Sharepoint into a stand-alone table in ArcMap (including the ID field that joins it to the Parcel) Make a join between from the parcel layer to the query layer. I believe that this link should now be dynamic and will pull the data ...


You could accomplish most of these using Google Fusion Tables. Put together a list of facilities (company owned, company leased, government leased) on a map. Create a Fusion Table which lists those attributes, plus the address or lat/long of each facility Develop a system that can be easily updated by non-GIS users. Fusion Tables is a bit like Excel, ...

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