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GeoCat Bridge creates SLD straight out of ArcGIS, optimized for GeoServer. Not Free and Open Source though. http://geocat.net/bridge Cheers, Jeroen (GeoCat)


@Andrea Thanks for your answer. I tried the blending modes, with the following success result: The above uses 4 FeatureTypeStyle, more or less based on the example you refer in your answer. Thanks again. I also tried the Fluxomajic but blending modes are far better.


Yes, only available in 2.9, there might be a backport to 2.8 (unsure) You can try composite and blending modes to achieve a similar effect: http://docs.geoserver.org/2.7.0/user/styling/sld-extensions/composite-blend/example.html The Fluxomajic plugin is not maintained by GeoServer the core developers and while compatible with GeoServer, it's not licence ...


You might be affected by this ticket: https://osgeo-org.atlassian.net/browse/GEOT-5176 In other words, it might well be that we have to quote the attribute names when writing queries

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