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I cannot think of any way to do that out of the box, but if you can program in Java, there is a chance you can write a filter function that shrinks the lines for you. Here are some examples of existing functions: http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/styling/sld-extensions/geometry-transformations.html There is a tutorial about writing functions here: ...


This is an XML file so you must use & instead of & in the URL so that the XML parser isn't confused by the & on it's own.


degisken1 GIS_ID


There is no SLD parsing in OpenLayers 3. You could use JSONIX to parse the SLD into JSON and then write your code to translate the JSON structure into ol3 style objects / functions. But this is not a trivial task.


QGIS is known to produce invalid SLD files and this belongs to those if the report from http://www.corefiling.com/opensource/schemaValidate.html can be trusted. I suggest to write mail to QGIS-users mailing list first and perhaps make a bug report if it is considered reasonable.


Below SLD code works for scale range: <NamedLayer> <Name>grid</Name> <UserStyle> <FeatureTypeStyle> <Rule> <MinScaleDenominator>300000</MinScaleDenominator> <MaxScaleDenominator>1000000</MaxScaleDenominator> <PolygonSymbolizer> <Stroke> ...

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