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As we are a small company, we don't have the resources to buy ESRI software, and don't have a server in the first place This is gonna sound like a sales pitch for Esri, but promise I have no affiliation with them ;) You could look at using ArcGIS Online to collaborate easily between multiple offices. The pricing model doesn't require expensive server ...


It's been about 5 years since I've worked with Smallworld first hand, so this may be outdated. At that time, I was using version 4.1. Smallworld itself didn't, and I presume still doesn't, have any real exporting capability for spatial data outside of it's XML which uses a proprietary schema that doesn't mesh well with GML. The only commercial option ...


We have developed the AddTransit GTFS editor (https://addtransit.com) specifically for small to mid size public transit and transportation companies. This is a commercial GTFS editor and is hosted on the cloud, so there is no installation or IT expertise required by the user.

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