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Copan should do exactly what you need. It's a free, GUI-based Windows COGO tool for land or topographic surveyors. (I was heavily involved in its development.) From the Field Bearings Processing section of the User Manual: Use this module to process raw field data from hand-held survey instruments such as compass, inclinometer and rangefinder. Copan ...


You can try GNU GAMA. According to its project page: GNU Gama is a project dedicated to adjustment of geodetic networks. Adjustment of geodetic networks means that we have a set of points with given coordinates coordinates of some points and a set of observations among them. What is typical of adjustment of special geodetic measurements is ...


That should be easy to do in QGIS. Load the postal Shapefile and join the sales rep data, then style based on sales rep. You can use the OpenLayers plugin to load background tiles (note though that these won't print).

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