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If you want to know the minimum radius for a circle inside a polygon as you mentioned (and not using rasters which is what you can probably do with Zonal Statistics) then it will require a few steps: Take your polygon layer (shown in a very simple example) and use Vector > Geometry Tools > Polygon centroids. We will use this "center point" output for this ...


Make one after you run the tool using the Build Raster VAT tool. It must be integer data.


The easy way is to use Zonal statistics as a table to extract the mean value for all buffers, then join the table to your shapefile. However, there might be a problem if your buffers overlap : in this case, it gets more difficult because you need to iterate on each polygon (e.g. in model builder). Alternatively, you can use focal statistics with a circular ...


Instead of using the Zonal Statistics Tool, try using the Zonal Statistics as Table tool. This will create a table of the results. You can then join this back to your Polygon layer.


I don't know why "Feature to Raster" doesn't work, but found out that "Point to Raster" does! I just used my Shape-Layer as in-feature, the height as value field, MEAN for cell_assignment (That's the one for DEMs, right!?) and my wanted cellsize. Maybe this will help anyone in the future... :)


If you haven't already found a solution, you might try using Simple kriging and set the mean to zero. Reference: http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisdesktop/10.0/help/index.html#/Understanding_simple_kriging/003100000040000000/ I've used simple kriging with a specified mean of zero for interpolating a surface of residuals (local measurements minus estimated ...

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