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Just found this, sorry if it's too late. PPDM Spatially Enabling Project didn't gain traction after Ian Batty @maguffyn and I left the project. Here's the latest update I know of under Standards has PPDM Lite 1.1 and sample data for members, and I haven't looked at it for a while, but ...


We did have similar issue with Oracle Spatial. In our case we need to adding more permissios for geom-columns (or whatever column you use to store geometries). GRANT UPDATE ("GEOM") ON "MYSCHEMA"."MYTABLE" TO "OTHERSCHEMA_USER"; It seems that other GIS desktop applications are not so strict. More information from QGIS Developer email list.


I am not sure I really understand what you are doing. How can a point cluster be a collection of linestrings? , but .. Remember you are using a spatial database, why not use the functionality in PostGIS? from a bunch of points you can collect them and use ST_Centroid on the collection. Or if it really is a collection of linestrings that you want to get ...

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