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I don't think what you're hoping for is possible. You will always need to have some special cases. Here's the two ways I suggest you do it: Don't use generic read/write and create all your input feature classes as distinct readers, and select them all and choose 'duplicate on writer' to set up the writer classes. This way you can modify each one ...


If you go into layer properties, then go to the "Fields" section, then click on the "Edit Widget" option, You get a checkable option to make the form field editable. Uncheck that box and that should be it.


To add to the answers and reiterate some points, one uses a spatially-enabled database if you have queries that relate to the spatial relations of the data, a few of which are the following: which points are within x kilometers of my points of interest which points are nearer how far a point is from other point which points are x kilometers ...

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