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To do this I think you should use the Polygon Neighbors tool which became available at 10.1 for all license levels: Creates a table with statistics based on polygon contiguity (overlaps, coincident edges, or nodes).


This is a comment (too large to be converted) Cliff, I don't think inadequate hardware is the problem. Here's a brief summary of what I've found so far. GDAL's PostGIS raster driver has had past performance issues (see here as well). Although these problems were noted in 2012, I wonder whether GDAL 1.11.2 found in QGIS 2.8 still has this problem. Surely ...


I am having the exact same issues with rendering rasters in QGIS from PostGIS (see my recent question) I found this post helpful and increasing the following improved raster rendering slightly: shared_buffers = 5000MB work_mem = 100MB maintenance_work_mem = 100MB However, with that said, I totally agree that the performance of PostGIS rasters in QGIS is ...

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