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Using Google Earth Pro (this is free now) Use the Measure Tool (ruler) Draw around your rooftop building as polygon save >Polygon Measure goes to the 'Temporary Places' in the Left Table Right Click 'copy' (ctrl +v) Using Notepad++ Paste as XML Coordinates are found in Polygon Tag as LinearRing Coordinates


I have updated the QGIS version to 2.12 on computer under window and I can see and mark the checkboxes so I have solved my problem.


In Google Earth, the yellow thumbtack tool is your 'placemark' tool you'll notice that when you click on that tool you get a yellow placemark icon in your window with an active boundary border around it. You can click the active placemark and drag it to where your building is, you will notice that as you do so, the recorded coordinates for your placemark ...


First, I hope I understand your setup correctly: You have several tables in SQL, some with tabular data and one table containing Lat/Long columns (probably floating/double precision data type). You would like to join several data tables together and see the information as points in ArcGIS. Possible solution: You should make your join/view directly in ...

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