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The omission in the dbtune parameters have been acknowledged, by Esri development and are intended to be addressed in the next release. The changes will address the ability to control the placement of the spatial index on the business table, the a table (created by registering the feature class as versioned) and the location of the sde log files.


Per Documentation: With ArcSDE, putting a feature class in load-only mode disables updating of the spatial index while data is loading. In a File Geodatabase, putting a feature class or table in load-only mode disables updating of spatial and attribute indexes while data is loading. Taking the feature class or table out of load-only mode ...


You've almost got it, but you've made a small error. You need to use the intersection method on the spatial index, rather than passing the index to the intersection method on the buffered point. Once you've found a list of features where the bounding boxes overlap, then you need to check if your buffered point actually intersects the geometries. import ...

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