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Every spatial table in a SpatiaLite database has a foreign key constraint so that the SRID has to match the value stored in a metadata table named geometry_columns. You can see the constraint with: SELECT sql FROM sqlite_master WHERE type = 'trigger' AND name = 'ggu_mytable_geom'; You can see the actual SRID enforced for the table with: SELECT * ...


rasterlite_load does have logic to handle imagery other than RGB, but it may not deal with your situation. From the code, the supported combinations are: bits_per_sample == 1 && samples_per_pixel == 1, interpreted as a CCITT 4 fax. bits_per_sample == 8 && samples_per_pixel == 1 && photometric == 3, interpreted as paletted image ...


The GDAL osm driver makes use of an osmconf.ini file: http://www.gdal.org/drv_osm.html Within that file, you can uncomment the line #other_tags=no to avoid saving all possible names of Sweden in that database column. By the way, GDAL can read the osm.pbf file directly, no need to extract it first.

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