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You are only inspecting osm_id field. It seems you didn't inspect your multipolygons table. On a local use case, I do : ogrinfo -so france.simple.spatialite multipolygons It returns FID Column = OGC_FID Geometry Column = GEOMETRY osm_id: String (0.0) osm_way_id: String (0.0) name: String (0.0) type: String (0.0) ... So the identifiers are not only ...


Try register your VIEW this manner: INSERT INTO views_geometry_columns (view_name, view_geometry, view_rowid, f_table_name, f_geometry_column, read_only) VALUES ('buffer500m', 'geometry', 'ROWID', 'point', 'geom', 1); read_only option boolean 1 for read only VIEW - read_only option boolean 0 for updatable VIEW. In Spatialite Cookbook not consign ...

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