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It's not strictly read-only access. You can load data via copy/paste and import into a SQLite or SpatiaLite database. Tables and feature classes can be appended to using append or Load Data. You can edit the SQLite/SpatiaLite data via code as Insert/Update/Delete are supported. What you can't do is open an edit session in ArcMap.


If you use DB Manager, you can use plain SQL to union two tables. Something like this: SELECT field1, field2 FROM my_table_1 UNION ALL SELECT field1, field2 FROM my_table_2 Notice that the fields must match in both tables in terms of data type, but they do not need to have the same name.


This is doable with QGIS and SAGA (either standalone SAGA, or via the Processing panel in QGIS) I assume by 'XZY DEM' you mean an ascii grid. If the points are not regularly gridded (e.g. from UAS survey or LIDAR), you can also do this by importing into SAGA as a Point Cloud from an .xyz text file, then converting the point cloud into raster. If it's an ...

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