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SQLite operates in a last edit wins model, which leads to issues with more weight than write blocks. There is no editing session tracking in the QGIS/SQLite relationship. So, even if you did get a single writer block (SQLITE_BUSY) QGIS will simply fail to edit and just return an error then submit the change again. The below discusses the handling of this ...


This is almost not a GIS question, but you will need to aggregate your geometries. Right? Thought so. The following query does not use a subquery as I thought would be required earlier. You will simply GROUP BY the value columns. All columns not being grouped will need to be aggregated, and that's where the SpatiaLite function GUnion comes in. Note that ...


This may not apply to your situation as it may depend on the attributes of the points but I have a point layer where I use their unique ID attribute and created 10 classes of equal count (quantile): You can create unique attributes if you don't already have one by using the Field Calculator and adding $rownum in the expression. Hope this helps.


Use either ST_Distance or PtDistWithin (see documentation). With the former you can test for the distance of your points and then select based on some distance criteria. If you are wanting to test whether a point lies exactly on your line you could try doing an Intersection or use ST_Contains. My only hesitation with these approaches is that, because a ...

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