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You are into the realm of timeseries and forecasting models. You need to fit a model to your current observed data and then forecast the model into the desired time period. I am not sure if the contemporary trend of your observed 1991-2011 will support a back-projection to 1970 but you can certainly try. Just make sure that the resulting distribution in the ...


Portugal might record the average number of people in a household? In the UK the ONS make this information available, an example is here. But you need to know the type of building, it could be a flat with many people living there? Then what do you do with Offices/Hopsitals/Prisons/Schools? You should look into the subject of Dasymetric mapping.


CartoDB can definitely handle a dataset that large, including filtering, infowindows, and multiple different versions of the map (i.e. styles and selected filters) using the same dataset. This, for example, is around 100mb of polygon data being styled on the fly with each click of the little menu, http://bl.ocks.org/andrewxhill/raw/8324313/ You can ...

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