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Struggled a bit to understand first the answer. Here is the python port of whubers code; Putting it in an answer, for better visibility for others as earlier it was buried in comments Python code for bounding box with test for the above Here is more amateur friendly drawing to explain the same


The previous answer recommends using a script from the Movable Type site, but when checking that site more carefully we find that they now provide another solution that is simpler, and that also works near (and at) the Poles and the dateline: Their new solution is based on n-vectors ...


The sky-view factor (SVF) is defined by the part of the visible sky (Ω) above a certain observation point as seen from a two-dimensional representation (see figure a). The algorithm computes the vertical elevation angle of the horizon γi in n (eight are presented here) directions to the specified radius R (b). Sky-view factor has been proposed to overcome ...

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