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If you are happy with Java then GeoTools provides SQLServer and Shapefile datastores that will allow you to do the conversion. But to be honest I'd use ogr2ogr, which is something like: ogr2ogr "MSSQL:server=.\MSSQLSERVER2008;database=geodb;tables=rivers;trusted_connection=yes" dst.shp


So I found this video, which has done just what I wanted to do. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/data/hh859721.aspx Hope it helps someone else. Thanks


You can easily solve this with something like (Javascript code) var dataRows = [{ id: 1, geom: "LINESTRING(-1.131510412 52.65531, -1.13286 52.65559)" }]; features = []; dataRows.forEach(function (row) { var coords = row.geom.replace("(", "[").replace(")", "]").substring(row.geom.indexOf("("), row.geom.length); ...


I suggest to use the SQL Server express that is accompanied with the ArcGIS Installation media (DVD) and stay away from newer versions of SQL Server for this purpose. If you downloaded the installation file from the Esri Customer Care portal, unzip the file and run the ESRI.exe. If you have an ISO file, use an ISO extractor to access the installation files ...


Try it with getdate() ExprDate <= (GETDATE() + 30) AND ExprDate >= GETDATE()


I have a similar problem. I have a feature class stored in SQL Server as Geometry type. It has 30m records in it & its draws fine, but if you create a VIEW linked to a 2nd table, this VIEW hangs and won't display. The table has a load of relationship classes attached to it. Will these affect the query/drawing performance? Also can you point me in ...

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