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No offense, but, actually, the conclusions of your co-worker about how something he thinks should work doesn't make it the "official way" it should work. For that, we refer to the OGC specifications. You can download the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for SQL 1.1 from the OGC website (a bit older) or even better, the newer OpenGIS Implementation ...


Basically my co-worker answered my main questions, so I'm punching them in here for the sake of answering the thread. Hopefully a few people will up-vote it, giving it some added credibility. Q1: Is the ESRI Line Geometry as WKB really invalid? [Yes.] The wkb says there is 9 points in the line, and then the parser should read 9 points. MS (rightfully) ...


You could use the static/class method Parse to create a point from an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Well-Known Text (WKT) representation. For example var myZMPoint = SqlGeography.Parse("POINT ZM (1 1 5 60)") There are other class methods that might also work.


In 2008, I usually do select SHAPE.STSrid from dbo.STATES (where SHAPE is the geometry column and dbo.states is the table name). It will give you SRID. Now you can run select * from sys.spatial_reference_systems where spatial_reference_id = 4326 However, as @Jay Cummins mentioned, it seems to have only geographic coordinate systems. Link to the ...


The answer to this was to simply create a computed column using the Geometry type in SQL. The computed text in this case was: ([geometry]::STGeomFromText(((('POINT('+CONVERT(varchar,[Long]))+' ')+CONVERT(varchar,[Lat]))+')',(4326))) Now the table can be added as a query layer within ArcMap. Works like a charm.


This happens when the ring orientation is not correct. Geometry is more tolerant than Geography. I was doing bulk uploads in the database using ETLs and I was first updating my geometry from text and then using my populated geometry column to update the geography type. This link helped me a lot and maybe of use to you too

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