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If you are typing a geometry's WKT into pgAdmin III, you need to specify the SRID using EWKT syntax, otherwise it defaults to 0. Type this into the geometry field of pgAdmin III: SRID=26191;POINT(25800 256000) Otherwise, @MakinFlippyFloppy has the correct SQL way, using ST_SetSRID.


What's happening is that the data you are trying to insert does not have an SRID assigned. To assign one, try wrapping the inserted geometry in your insert statement with ST_SetSRID(). E.g., INSERT INTO public.borne (num_borne, shape_borne) (SELECT num_borne, ST_SetSRID(shape_borne, 26191) FROM public.sometable); or INSERT INTO public.borne ...


I thin below link can help you, Check out below page :: http://postgis.org/docs/UpdateGeometrySRID.html

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