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The significance of the number 998999 is that it is 1 less than 999000. It actually serves as the upper bound 'custom' user SRIDs. The range of SRIDs reserved for user custom SRIDs is from 910000 and 999000. It took me a while, but I dug this up as reference: http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/postgis-users/2012-July/034716.html In terms of your comment ...


Normally, no, you cannot just change the SRID value. SRID stands for Spatial Reference System Identifier and is a coded value describing what coordinate system the data's geometry is in. Let's take the example of the two CRS (coordinate reference systems) you have. 4326 is WGS84, which is a geographic CRS with degrees for units and the WGS84 datum. 27700 is ...

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