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Try using http://epsg.io/ For example, put the SRID after the slash: http://epsg.io/102642 There are Export links at the bottom to view different representations of the projections. The PostGIS Export shows the correct INSERT statement. You can also add .sql to the URL (e.g. http://epsg.io/102642.sql) to get the raw data.


I suspect that your google SRID may be incorrect. I believe that google geocode results use SRID 4326 (WGS 84). I believe the google uses 3857 for the map display, but outputs the data as 4326.


Judging from the location of your point, I'm willing to bet that your data is in EPSG:4326 rather than EPSG:3857. Confusing latitude/longitude values with web Mercator X/Y values usually results in a point near the Equator/Prime Meridian intersection.


Try setting project CRS first to EPSG:3857 with On-The-fly-reprojectionenabled, then add a layer from the openlayers plugin, then add your postgis datasource. If that does not work, please add the extent of the postgis layer, as reported by rightclick, Properties, metadata tab.

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