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SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) was a shuttle mission, no satellite involved. But essentially the satellites do not cross the poles. In a geosynchronous orbit, which most imaging satellites are in, you get a pattern like: This great because it means that the orbit can be timed and most parts of the earch get covered at around noon, so good ...


There is no SRTM data of the pole regions because the shuttle flight did not cover that area and the nature of the recording makes it difficult to gather data from ice areas (same as some mountain regions)


A new revision of the app is up on GitHub with the big endian byte swap issue dealt with. See: Read HGT Files R2. Thank you to @BradHards for pointing me in the right direction.


From the comment discussion: There are a range of issues discussed in previous questions: How to extract elevation from .HGT file? Vertical Datum Conversion Utilities It is particularly important to note that HGT file format is a pretty raw format, essentially just 16 bit integer values. However reading those values as 16 bit integer values on many ...

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