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Based on the help for the Maximum Likelihood Classification tool, and the text in the help page How Maximum Likelihood Classification Works, I'm pretty sure the codes match these values. The help page should list these - I dropped a request on their web page to include a table like this. 14 <= .005 13 >0.005 to 0.01 12 >0.01 to 0.025 11 0.025 (etc)...


they have IRIS which a sub division of municipalities INSEE


You could to use the pluguin "Group stats". This plugin works like a dynamic table in Excel! Tutorial:


You can check the total map views from your public profile ( First, click on Maps ( Finally, click on the map you are interested in. You will find the number below the map title: Take note that map views are not unique views. That number indicates the number of times that anyone has opened the map since it ...


No, the values do not correspond to a probability but rather a confidence region. The 14 values are, a rather arbitrary, set of nominal representations of each of the predefined confidence regions. Analogously, think of a linear regression line with a set of confidence envelopes, with each incremental envelope indicating less certainty in the estimate. In ...

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