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No, you cannot modify the parameters (size, position, etc). The style sheets are only for adding an image or some text into the tool dialog background. Per the topic referenced: You can change the appearance of a tool dialog, using your company logo as the background image, for example, or adding text. You cannot customize the parameter controls, ...


In ArcMap, Go to the Customize menu, click Style Manager. You will see a style on the left called "Dano". Under that, any categories which contain custom symbols, labels, etc. you've made will appear as a yellow folder. Click the one you're concerned with and you'll see your custom symbols on the right. Right-click to delete any you don't want. If your ...


The styles are normally saved in public.layer_styles. Being in the public schema it should be accessible to every user. If not, make sure it becomes using: GRANT SELECT ON TABLE public.layer_styles TO users; -- "users" is a group with all your #normal users


The source tag is always deleted. This is hardcoded in osm2pgsql / parse-primitive.c and parse-xml2.c: /* 'created_by' and 'source' are common and not interesting to mapnik renderer */ if (strcmp((char *)xk, "created_by") && strcmp((char *)xk, "source")) { ... To keep the source tag, there are two options: Change the code and compile ...


Set the alpha channel of the fill color to 0.


in the symbol properties, you can change the symbol type from "Fill" to "Border: simple line". This way you do not have a fill. (I am sorry if these are not the exact name, but I am translating from a non English version. However I'm sure that you can find it)

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