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I was looking for a very similar thing (but with polygons) and artwork21's answer here directed my research. You can also do the same thing using Geoserver's CSS Extension as per this alternative solution: * { stroke: #800000, #008000; stroke-geometry: [the_geom],[offset(the_geom, -0.005, 0.005)]; stroke-width: 8, 10; stroke-linejoin: round; ...


Once you have loaded your shape file in qgis, right click on it in the legend, select save as, then select 'Keyhole markup language' as your format, spatial ref. sys. Must be set to epsg 4326. Then select a file path, where the kml will be saved. A little under this, theres an option export symbology. You should select the option 'export feature symbology'. ...


You could try setting the "Precision" field to zero. It's set to 4 by default.

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