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This could be one of two things: A sprite can only be 1024x1024 pixels total, so it's possible not all of the icons are being loaded every time. Something may have gone wrong in the SVG creation process -- see this help guide for more info and troubleshooting.


if i check svg symbol, I don't have the windows svg groups and images, my screen shot it's different


You can add the folder containing your svg files in Settings > Options > System in SVG paths. To select the svg file, right click on your layer, go to Properties > Style and change the symbol layer type to SVG Marker (Default is Simple marker) like shown in the screen shot. You should then be able to select your symbol. Edit: In newer versions ...


After a night without sleep, I fixed it myself: selectedLayerIndex = self.dlg.cbox_layer.currentIndex() selectedLayer = layers[selectedLayerIndex] # get unique values fni = selectedLayer.fieldNameIndex('firebrary') unique_values = selectedLayer.dataProvider().uniqueValues(fni) # define categories ...


Adobe Illustrator has an undocumented ceiling limit on the maximum number of vertices you can have in a single segment of a line/polygon. This limit is 32,000 vertices in one line segment. There are some ways around this limit. Make the polygon a line, the break the line up into smaller lines or use a generalise tool. You can rebuild the polygon in ...


I see the same issue. Took a look at this file in InkScape, and used Shift-Ctrl-F to bring up the Fill and Stroke properties. I noticed that the fill on your green and blue areas were set to 'pattern fill', stripes 1:1. Make a note of your blue and green colours first. Next, change to use 'Flat Color' on both the coloured areas, then reselect your colours ...

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