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I'd suggest going with your second approach of putting your svg markup in-line. I think your jQuery prepend method doesn't work because you need to create <defs> and other children of <svg> elements using document.createElementNS and jQuery is probably using document.createElement. Anyway, the piece you're missing is applying your filter to your ...


If you have an SVG Marker symbol layer, you can set the size units to map units. That way the icon will always have the same real-world size. Note that the size in the data-defined properties is not radius or diameter but area - which I find weird and might be considered a bug.


Your problem here isn't with the dojo/ArcGIS, it's with SVG in IE in quirks mode. IE does not have SVG support below version 9 and by putting IE9 in quirks mode you're telling it to act like an older browser. Whether it is possible to use dojo/ArcGIS in IE9 quirks mode in general mostly depends on what you're doing ESRI does not fully support IE below ...

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