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Your best bet is to use InkScape and convert your graphics to SVG. Polygons can be filled with rasters, but points and markers need SVG. If your symbol is available in a font, you can also use Font markers. It's fairly straightforward:- Load bitmap (png, jpg etc) into Inkscape with File > Open File > Save as (use Plain SVG rather than default Inkscape ...


Yes I think so. Any aspect of symbology in QGIS can be data driven, also the path to an svg symbol e.g. You don't even need an attribute holding the complete path, you might create an expression that derives the path from another attributes content (here attribute "the_land_of_the_flag"), say: concat('the/path/to/my/svg/symbols/', "the_land_of_the_flag", ...


In QGIS 2.x you can use the print composer(ctrl + p) to export as svg. But be carefull, there are some issues with not clipped layers, contour-size, marker size etc. It's better to export it as PDF and then use it with a vector program of your choice.

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