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You can set the background transparency in Inkscape. Go to File > Document Properties… (shift+ctrl+D). In the Page tab (should be open by default), at the bottom,you can set the background color and border color for the SVG. To be able to adjust colors, stroke width etc. of SVG markers within QGIS, you will have to edit the SVG tags manually (as text) and ...


As @underdark suggested, it does seem like a bug. Another workaround is to, wierdly, load your svg file in the earlier QGIS version and save it as a new svg file: Then load this newly saved svg file into QGIS 2.14: Hopefully your text will be aligned correctly. Tested with QGIS 2.13.3-Lyon and QGIS 2.14.1-Essen.


Try using the the VECTORIZE_BITMAP parameter of ExportToSVG arcpy.mapping.ExportToSVG(mxd, 'd:\\maps\\etages.svg', df, 256*30, 256*30, "", "", "", "VECTORIZE_BITMAP")

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