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Figure 1 is the inset map. An inset is always smaller than the primary map. Inset refers (somewhat obliquely) to a position within the page layout. It is typically completely within (ie set within = inset) the primary map, however it can be partially overlapping or completely outside but still on the same page/layout. If it were on another page/layout (ie, ...


I suppose FIG.1 is the inset map. FIG.2 is simply a map. Based on ESRI GIS Dictionary,an inset map is: A small map set within a larger map. An inset map might show a detailed part of the map at a larger scale, or the extent of the existing map drawn at a smaller scale within the context of a larger area. According to this definition inset map is the map ...


I would say FIG.2 since it shows the position of "circle A", "circle A" being the subject of the map.

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