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The error message you see is the generic exception text that is thrown when the CesiumTerrainProvider cannot build the mesh for the requested terrain tile. This message can indicate that the terrain tile was not retrieved from the tile server, but could also mean that it could not make sense of the data it received. In your case, passing a blank terrain ...


It turns out that the vertical datum used by NED is not the same as that expected by Cesium. The following tool can be used to convert the vertical datum: http://vdatum.noaa.gov/ The vdatum needs to be converted from NAVD88 to NAD83.


I'm going to have to recommend that you head over to the Cesium forum to find a solution. I don't think the developers that built AGI's STK Terrain Server are active on Stack Exchange.


Can you verify that the URL strings that the CesiumTerrainProvider is trying to access are accessible. This is probably a simple path problem.

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