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I am not sure if this would apply, but instead of changing the values, could you just change the display. See if this will help you...check Ryan K's answer. Setting default units for Shape_Area to be Acres using ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 Good Luck


The 'direction' you are referring to is known as the aspect of a slope. To calculate this for a raster DEM in QGIS you need to use the Raster > Analysis > DEM (Terrain models) tool which has a mode for aspect. There's a tutorial for working with terrain analysis in the QGIS Training Manual - lesson 8.3. Once you've generated an aspect raster from your DEM, ...


If you export the lines as DXF, you should be able to load them into QGIS. Once they are in QGIS, you need to create an attribute that contains the elevation of each line (ie. a data column with a number). Depending on the total number of lines you could possibly do this manually. If doing it manually is not an option, you could concievably do some Python ...

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