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What's the best way to get this fixed? Here's a link to file bugs in PostGIS: http://postgis.net/support and here's a link to this particular bug submission so you can track it's progress: http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/ticket/2336


Census.gov ->geography-> tiger data-> choose 2010 then use Web interface to download what you need, that is for shape files, for demographics you need to use the fact finder also on census website


Check if the data loaded successfully (sometimes a lot of census FTP dowloads fail and the load will continue. You won't know unless you captured that error log and check it). I just ran this query and geocodes perfectly using TIGER 2013. SELECT g.rating, ST_X(g.geomout) As lon, ST_Y(g.geomout) As lat, (addy).address As stno, (addy).streetname As street, ...

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