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I asked a similar question and I am not aware of any tile server to support a time dimension. The best solution I came up with, was to have different layers with the time dimension, see our demo version. seems to have a similar approach as you can see in their tile ulrs (with a timestamp in the folder/layer structure):


Tile layers have a north of south origin for the Y axis. By default leaflet expects the y origin to start in the north, but your tiles start in the south. To make leaflet work with this initalize your tile layer with the option tms:true, L.tileLayer('http://localhost:8080/1.0.0/osm/{z}/{x}/{y}.png'{'tms':true}).addTo(map);


The documentation states (emphasis mine): The ArcGIS client APIs allow apps to download map tiles from the server for offline use. When you check the checkbox Allow clients to export cache tiles, you authorize these downloads to occur. Large downloads of tiles can negatively affect your server performance and overwhelm the client device. Use ...

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