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It appears to be some sort of bug because after closing down and restarting QGIS the heatmap plugin now works perfectly again .


Right Click on the layer name and then left click "Properties", then click the "Transparency" tab. In the box Headed "Transparency Pixel List" click the right hand icon marked with an arrow and a ? ("Add Values from Display"). Then click the black area on the display that you would like transparent. Then click OK. All black area with the same value will ...


Assuming that you have, for example, a layer with the ID rivers. You could select each zoom level that the layer should be displayed at individually: #rivers[zoom=4],[zoom=5],[zoom=6] { ... } This would display the dataset only at zoom levels 4, 5, and 6. Or, and I think this is more what you were looking for, you can use a greater than: ...


I was able to fix it well enough for my needs by just manually overriding the styles on the "style.mss" document. It looks way more acceptable now. #roads-text-name { [zoom >= 13]{ line-color:#FFFFFF; } } #roads-text-ref { [zoom >= 13]{ line-color:#FFFFFF; } }

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