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This is a problem I've experienced when reprojecting map gridlines from the Ordnance Survey National Grid system to Spherical Mercator. My solution was to add many more vertices to the linestrings. This can be done using "Densify Geometries": Vector -> Geometry Tools -> Densify Geometries...


Things may be different from when you posted this originally. With current Mapnik versions (3.0.10 for example), this should work: <Style name="cities" filter-mode="first"> <Rule> <MarkersSymbolizer width="50" fill="#ff4455" stroke="#881133" allow-overlap="true" ignore-placement="true" /> </Rule> </Style> <Layer ...


Sorry, the issue is resolved. It wasn't an issue with TileMill, but the way I was converting MbTile's binary data to ASCII character map is wrong. ASCII only support up to 128 characters thus any binary above 128 got converted incorrectly. I convert the binary data into UTF-8 and it works perfectly.

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