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OrbisGIS 5.0 is an open source GUI tool specialized at database view/processing. The built-in SQL console editor have syntax highlighting, code completion and sql functions search engine. In the geocatalog using drag&drop you can transfer shape files to the database. The table editor has been specifically designed for viewing/editing large database ...


Hosting on Amazon S3 is extremely easy with MapTiler (http://www.maptiler.com), which includes an easy to use high-performance (=parallel) uploader for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5gFXvxWIHM&list=PLGHe6Moaz52PiQd1mO-S9QrCjqSn1v-ay&index=9 In case you want to host MBTiles (including ...

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