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Ciao, a few things: It looks to me you are mostly rendering vector data, hence JAI does not helpat all If you are mostly serving vector data with complex styling rules, I am hoping you are using a DBMS rather than shapefiles especially for OSM. If not at global scale GeoServer will have to load all the shapefile into memory and then filters as we only ...


To download vector tiles you need to be requesting a source, not a style, and the extension is .vector.pbf For example you can download a vector tile for mapbox streets at http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v4/mapbox.mapbox-streets-v6/1/1/1.vector.pbf?access_token=token


Openlayers and leaflet usually render tiles in World Mercator EPSG:3857. So you have to reproject your source file into that projection using gdalwarp, then start the tiling.


Doing such a conversion (or supporting both in the same file) was a goal of GeoPackage. It isn't just a schema change though, because of different Y order conventions - you need to use a view to support both; or update all of the tile row indexes. You can try https://launchpad.net/gpkgtools (disclaimer: I'm the author) for the mbtiles to geopackage ...

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