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You are right that metatiles alone do not prevent cutting the symbols. In the picture below with 3x3 metatiles the inner star symbol will not be cut but the outer will because it is on the border of the metatile. With symbols you can get a perfect result by using "gutter" parameter with a value that is bigger than half of the size of the biggest symbol. ...


You can create these files anywhere that you do have write permission and then move them. You could use some GeoTools code to construct the image pyramid as a user that does have write permission.


Projection of this kind of files is sinusoidal. For this one: the next code can access to coordinates for 256 values for subDatasets[0][0] (NDVI values). from osgeo import gdal import struct nameraster = "/home/zeito/Desktop/MOD13Q1.A2016129.h07v06....


I know this is a late answer, but since I found this question when looking up a similar problem, I will post this here for future reference. The main point is that by default OpenLayers 3 follows the widely-used Google grid where x 0 and y 0 are in the top left. Grids like TMS where x 0 and y 0 are in the bottom left can be used by using the {-y} placeholder ...

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