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Basically you display your image stack in RGB, and by default R is for band 1, G for band 2 and B for band 3. In your case, you have 2011 in R+G and 2003 in blue. So you are right when you say the scales of grey mean "no change" and the brighter the more vegetation at both dates. Now, let's look at the change: in additive color, R+G = yellow. This mean ...


basically use &TIME=value at the end of the WMS request. For a range of values you need to use &TIME=start/end. If you look in the GetCapabilities response you will see the values of time that will work. See this tutorial for a brief explanation.


If your Have field is of type date and you Needed field type is string, you can do it with the following statement in the field calculator of Arcmap: !DateFieldName!.split( )[1]


Have you tried .replace(X,Y) code in python? -replace one with another in the string


Actually, if I open the recent History .xml file, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.1\ArcToolbox\History The most recent will have parameters & env. settings & time. It gives all the geoprocessing tools used (if w/in arcpy) and all the settings and environment settings and time started and finished.

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