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I would suggest to use two embedded cursors first update and then search, here is a general sample. with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(firstLayer, fields) as cursorfirstLayer: for rowfirstLayer in cursorfirstLayer: opservationTime = datetime.datetime.strptime(rowfirstLayer.DATE+' '+rowfirstLayer.TIME, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M') locId = 0 with ...


The last reported version was from July 2012. QGIS plugins are often not "officially" maintained, but managed by many volunteers(!), who code the plugins for their own work / projects at a certain time. Rather than posting here you might be better off contacting the original plugin author Bruno Combal and ask him directly if he plans to continue developing ...


Not sure the tool you are talking about is easy thing to do. What stops you of changing shapes themself using basic field calculator expression? You can run in on geometry (Shape) field, e.g. Modifying vertices x,y values to remove all value from 3rd decimal in ArcMap? UPDATED ANSWER: In environment settings make M enabled. Run this expression on Shape ...


Take a look at Route analysis if you have the Network Analyst extension. Input your stops, solve the route, the results will have distance and time values.

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