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Answering my own question, here's the solution I went with: roll-your-own in python. The map in question uses scale-dependent rendering, so, I wanted to do a different render for each 'z' (integer TMS zoom level, 10 thru 17 in this case). Overall workflow, once for each zoom level: 1) render from qgis to tif with a worldfile (i.e. the tif will have ...


I had a similar problem, but would describe the symptom as not about where you pan, but what zoomo level. Zooms near the native resolution are fine, its the smaller levels that fail, regardless of whether you are entirely within extents.


I dont think there is an easy and simple method. I also found qtiles did not work. Qgis Server is probably the easiest route, because it all uses the same styling system. However it does involve an awful lot of software. mapserver, tilecache may be easier to install in some situations, i get the impression it has less dependencies. the simplist way might ...

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