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ArcGIS's Create Fishnet tool combined with the Intersect will do this for you. Try this workflow: Create Fishnet (Data Management): use your polygons as the template extent. Make sure to select "Create Label Points" as this is the vector layer that will become the regularly distributed sample points. Adjust the parameters so that you get the number of ...


You can use any spreadsheet software to generate a list of coordinates pairs, I mean one column X, one column Y, ..., save them as a CSV file, and import them from Arcmap.


There's another option that isn't as elegant as Erase or Union and involves a few more steps, but it can be done at Basic and without third party tools (which can be an issue if you don't have administrative rights on the machine). Make a copy of your buffer layer, bufferdummy. If you have more than one layer, you can select them all and export/copy them ...


If you don't have an info level of license you can do it using union, which is limited to two feature classes in basic and standard, but that's enough. Union your two layers, to keep it simple join the attributes with FID only, and then delete the ones that have a FID value from the second feature class. There are a few ways to delete but if you wish to do ...


The ArcGIS Erase tool will work, but as user two seven three nine says, you have to have the required license level to use it. The Xtools Pro extension suite has an Erase tool built in that will do the same thing and is free. Some of the features of Xtools require that you buy a license after the 14-day evaluation period is over, but the Erase tool (and a ...


Erase is the tool for this in ArcGIS. http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//00080000000m000000 Kind of like an "opposite clip" You need a higher level license to do this.

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