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I wrote a Python script to shift times in a .gpx file by a certain amount. You need to install Python (I use 2.7.6) and BeautifulSoup. It's easiest to do with the pip package manager. When you have pip installed, use pip install beautifulsoup4 to use the package. If the GPX files are in a slightly different format (I've only encountered the variety that ...


I haven't seen the drag and drop functionality you mention, I agree that would be nice. So I suppose to answer your question "can you drag and drop layers like in ArcGIS?" is no, not at the moment. But at the same time you don't always have to specify the full path to a shapefile via the path directory like you suggested above. You can still speed up ...


For your data I suspect you can manage with the NaturalEarth data set. It contains a rivers set for the whole world with enhanced sets available for the USA and Europe. It also provides a set of raster images based on land use and shaded relief to use as background maps. As for the best way to get started with web mapping see this question.

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