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Tree grates are circular or semicircular metal things that replace sidewalk right? If you have the locations as points you could 1) buffer the points using the radius of the grate 2) and then use the Erase tool (Advanced ARcGIS license) to remove the grates from the sidewalks. If you don't have an advanced license you can use the Union tool with the option ...


Also, this error can occur because of fact that your raster values are not interger data type. Convert it (ArcToolbox / Spatial Analyst Tools / Math / Int) and try again using this output. ;)


Check your project's settings. The project also has a default distance unit which may be set to metres.


To do selection for all layers, you need to install a plugin called "Multiple Layer Selection" Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins -> search for "Multiple Layer Selection" Click on the selection icon and you can select across the layers without the need to go to layer panel to select the layer first. To identify the features without selecting each ...


I know that is not a best way to resolve your issue but you can try to add layer name like an ID attribute with using field calculator and label layer with it.

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