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I've got a sinuosity and gradient toolbox that you may end up wanting to take a look at - http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=c8eb4ce1384e45258ccba1b33cd4e3cb


In the world of hydrology and geomorphology, there is indeed a metric that we use to classify/quantify the "curviness" of a river......sinuosity. Sinuosity is simply a measure of the actual path length of the river divided by the shortest path length (straight line distance). So, you could measure the sinuosity of the river as a whole (actual path length ...


I'm not a hydrologist, so I'm not aware of any metrics/heuristics that should likely govern your methods, but here's a stream-of-consciousness response for something that would be fun to try. Interpolate points along the line: First, I'd interpolate points along the line with an equal-length, short spacing according to a minimal granularity where the ...

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