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Hypsography deals with the peak hights or one can say spot heights which we derive hights after completion of top maps


You can access raster statistics using the Python GDAL/OGR API. from osgeo import gdal # open raster and choose band to find min, max raster = r'C:\path\to\your\geotiff.tif' gtif = gdal.Open(raster) srcband = gtif.GetRasterBand(1) # Get raster statistics stats = srcband.GetStatistics(True, True) # Print the min, max, mean, stdev based on stats index ...


In QGIS you can use the Interpolation plugin (I think it is installed by default, if not it is a standard plugin installed through Plugin Manager) found in Raster -> Interpolation. With that plugin you can take your vector layer of points and turn them into either a TIN or a surface model. You can either pull the elevation from a field in an attribute ...

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