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I would imagine that you could open the PostGIS database from inside a Smallworld session and then do the conversion with a Magik script. If its just a one way data export process that shouldn't be too complicated. Option B would be to export a csv from Smallworld with a column structure that can be directly imported into a PostGIS table.


ArcMap and QGIS may be using different snapping tolerances. It's worth checking what each value is. ArcMap - Geoprocessing - > Environments... -> XY Resolution and Tolerance will show you the current resolution and tolerance values. http://resources.arcgis.com/EN/HELP/MAIN/10.1/index.html#//001w0000000r000000 QGIS - Settings -> Snapping Options... will ...


Back when shapefiles were created, the predominate data format for Esri software was the Arc/Info coverage. Coverages used topological relationships of lines to define polygons (e.g., arc 2 forward, arc 7 backward, arc 5 forward,...). This structure was very efficient from a data storage standpoint, but very inefficient for rendering polygons, since it ...


I would not apply the term "non-topological" to a geometry. Basically, the shape of a geometry can be modified without affecting its topology, but this does not imply that you do not modify the shape of a geometry when you modify its topology. I would use it for non-topological data structure or non topological geoprocessing. You have to look if the ...


Why not use arcpy.Describe on the topology itself and see if the featureclass is in the featureClassNames attribute? Something simple like: if fc in arcpy.Describe(topo).featureClassNames: arcpy.RemoveFeatureClassFromTopology_management(topo, fc) else: print "{0} wasn't in the topology...".format(fc)


As mentioned by @MichaelMilesStimson, for spatial queries: INTERSECT returns a feature if any spatial relationship is found. Applies to all shape type combinations. and for overlap: OVERLAP returns a feature if the intersection of the two shapes results in an object of the same dimension, but different from both of the shapes. However, I have ...

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