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You can use a number of GRASS tools to do the job. Just adding the data to a mapset in GRASS using v.in.ogr.qgis may be all you need to do. Using QGIS and GRASS: Overview: Open QGIS and make sure the GRASS plugin is turned on (Plugins|Manage...) and visible (View|Toolbars|GRASS). Add the layer to QGIS. Create a mapset in GRASS. Import the layer into GRASS ...


Hornbydd has a valid answer of course if you have the advanced license. Here is the work around if you do not: Use the Make Feature Layer method on your polyline layer before your selection methods, to store the selected features. Finally, to pull out the selected polyline vertices (from the feature layer) and get their x/y coordinates to compare against ...


A way of achieving this is to "explode" you polyline into its individual vertices using the feature to vertices tool. You can then run the Generate near table tool with this layer on your intersection points layer. A distance of zero would indicate they are the same location. Both these tools require you to have an Advance license level.


To do change detection in ArcGIS, from two polygon files, use overlay operation (UNION). That gives you the transition matrix showing the details of the changes (may be in land cover).

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