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Download the polygons (shapefile) instead of the coordinate data which is just an ascii list. Open the shapefile using QGIS as I originally suggested and Save As to a kml file. Alternatively use Google Earth Pro (currently free), Shp2kml, or another online converter to do the conversion. Upload the kml file to Google Maps.


You say Canada, so I assume you're dealing with the Dominion Land Survey as opposed to the US Public Land Survey System - both use township/range/section references. I'm not as familiar with the DLS and there are some differences to the PLSS. In the PLSS your client would be right, the grid isn't regular. Assuming the information you've been provided is ...


1st. You will likely have to go province by province, as provinces usually manage spatial data like that and may have to pay for it. For Saskatchewan you might find what you're looking for here or here. 2nd. You will need to then convert the data to kml and upload it to fusion tables. 3rd. Query out what you want to display in fusion tables and then show ...


As an update, PLSS provide national geodata here: http://www.geocommunicator.gov/GeoComm/lsis_home/home/

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