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What you need is affine transformation and it should be easy to do with Python: You'll need GDAL GeoTransform (and it seems like you have all you need for it): gt[0] /* top left x */ gt[1] /* w-e pixel resolution */ gt[2] /* 0 */ gt[3] /* top left y */ gt[4] /* 0 */ gt[5] /* n-s pixel resolution (negative value) */ And then having your x,y: geo_x = ...


First you need to define the projection (data management toolbox > projection and transformation > define projection) and check that you are in the right coordinate system. Only after will you be able to change into another coordinate system. Both tools are in the data management toolbox. If you are are Australia, the full name will probably be UTM 55 S ...


Your test output coordinates are in feet, while pyproj is giving you the answer in meters, which is what it does by default Define your projection this way instead : osp2992 = Proj(projection, preserve_units=True) osp2992(-119.88481361812, 43.453242550659) (1475673.1083078186, 621492.18022257846)

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