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Something like: ogr2ogr -f XXX -s_srs epsg:27700 -t_srs epsg:4326 in.shp The ogr2ogr manual page explains all the options.


SQL Server Spatial Tools is a CLR assembly that you can add to your database to assist with a number of operations that didn't come built in with the original release of SQL Server spatial objects. It has a set of functions to do similar operations as those found in Oracles SDO_CS. There is a projection example in the source code section, though it doesn't ...


If you have National Grid coordinates with trailing letters, you can not use these in ogr2ogr. The ngconverter linked in the other answer will be the best solution. It will output coordinates in EPSG:27700. If you have numerical coordinates, EPSG:27700 will work in ogr2ogr, as pointed out by @iant.

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