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Try to look to this page: Convert Between Geographic and UTM Coordinates This page convert from UTM to Geographic lat\lon with javascript,You can view source of the page by pressing (CTRL + U) on the browser and press (CTRL + F) to search for the function (UTMtoGeog).


Either the WGS 1984 in the original raster, or in the target UTM doesn't match Esri's definition of WGS 1984. It's probably one of the names. If it's the original raster, try using the Define Projection tool to reset it to Esri's WGS 1984 definition. If it's the output coordinate system, try using Esri's version instead.


Yes. Double-click the dataframe name in the Table of Contents, or right-click it and choose Properties. On the Coordinate System tab, at the bottom, click the Transformations button. This will bring up the same dialog as when you add the layers. Here you can select the CRS of the layers present in the top box, the CRS you want to specify them to (your ...


Since you specified the transformation you used, I looked it up in some reference material Esri provides on selecting a transformation to use - specifically, this pdf which lists available transformations in ArcGIS. It includes an accuracy column. Although there isn't any specific explanation of the numeric value, and mkennedy has noted it is derived from a ...


Where is the problem, simply use this: double lat = 8.654; double lon = 38.123; double[] xy = new double[2] { lat, lon }; double[] z = new double[1] { 1234.5 }; Reproject.ReprojectPoints(xy, z, pStart, pEnd, 0, 1); Console.WriteLine(String.Foramt("New Lat/Lon = {0}/{1}", xy[0], xy[1]));

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