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Since this question was tagged with Java, I'd put my weight behind Conveyal's gtfs-editor, a webapp which runs on Java via the Play framework. It's pretty easy to get going if you're familiar with CLI. https://github.com/conveyal/gtfs-editor


GTFS editor - www.mobilibus.com.br Create acount - http://editor.mobilibus.com/create-account.html


You can look in the Other GTFS tools section from the old "googletransitdatafeed" on Google code. PS: After answering, I've seen my answer was also in the comment...


It is all preference, so think about it from the perspective of users, and balance that with how difficult it is to produce, and how much the details stray from the road. I have used GTFS extensively, and would appreciate these details as they help with things like estimating how fast a vehicle is scheduled to travel (comparing it to a real-time tracking ...

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