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You can make transparency vary for each category using a field value if you click the Advanced button in the Symbology tab (EDIT: available in 10.0). Now you have to see what's more convenient between adding and populating a field with the percentage, and duplicate the layer as @artwork proposes. The first option will surely save extra work if you need to ...


Transparency is not a property of a polygon itself, rather it is a property of the layer containing the polygon (like symbology). Take your polygon data, and store it in an IFeatureLayer. From IFeatureLayer, get ILayerEffects, which is an interface of IFeatureLayer. Transparency (0% to 100%) is a property of ILayerEffects. Also, note this from ESRI ...


The easiest way is to edit the aplha for the fill


You can enforce real nodata on the file using GDAL translate utility, look in your QGIS install location bin\ folder. GDAL_Translate -of GTIFF -a_nodata value InTiff OutTiff Substitute your own value for value. NoData does not have to be the highest or lowest value in the file you can set it to any value. Only one value is supported though so if you have ...


You should use two different STYLE blocks, one for the fill and one for the stroke: CLASS STYLE OUTLINECOLOR r g b #stroke WIDTH 3 END STYLE COLOR r g b #fill OPACITY 50 END END Ordering is important, you'll get different visual results if you swap the order of the STYLE blocks.


Assuming you're trying to use it within a GIS-system, QGis does the trick. It's a free GIS-system, and you can set transparancy layer-based, toggle layers on and off, switch around the order, ... Whereas - to the best of my knowledge - Arcview or MapInfo's Proviewer do not offer the option to combine layers. That said, transparancy and opacity are not ...


There is a Knowledge Base document entitled FAQ: What is the best format to use when inserting logos into a map document while maintaining transparency? which says: Logos are usually designed in a vector illustration package such as Adobe Illustrator, and then exported to a pixel-based format. However, exporting the logo as EMF will maintain the ...


No, transparency can only be defined at the layer level, not the individual symbols. The work around would be to have multiple versions of that layer in the table of contents defined at different transparencies based on a layer definition query if needed.


Please check out http://www.gavinharriss.com/code/opacity-control might be helpful for you.

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