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I'm going to post an answer here that explains or elaborates a bit more than my answer at the possible duplicate question How to vary the transparency of symbols within a single layer in ArcMap? (and the related one linked to it) because your question is a little more general whereas that one is looking to accomplish a specific thing. The first thing to be ...


Use esriSimpleFillStyle.esriSFSHollow. Or even esriSimpleLineStyle.esriSLSNull can be used.


Thanks Michael, basically the same as what you pointed out - I hadn't looked at the full list of gdal tools. I used: gdal_edit -a_nodata 50 which is documented here. (50 is an arbitrary value) This seems to do the trick as long as the raster in question doesn't have valuable data on RGB=50,50,50. Still a bug in qgis but this workaround seems to do the ...


You can enforce real nodata on the file using GDAL translate utility, look in your QGIS install location bin\ folder. GDAL_Translate -of GTIFF -a_nodata value InTiff OutTiff Substitute your own value for value. NoData does not have to be the highest or lowest value in the file you can set it to any value. Only one value is supported though so if you have ...

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