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Might I suggest adding an additional process to your model like Delete, so as to remove the shapefile after you have successfully appended it? That way, at any given moment only new shapefiles will be in your workspace when you run the model. Since you are using Pathfinder Office you can at any time recreate the shapefiles if needed


This Python script will append shapefiles modified since yesterday to a target fc (I'm not sure if this is what you are after): import arcpy, os, datetime #workspaces workspace = r'D:\Kartdata\tk_riks_Sweref_99_TM_shape\terrang' targetfc = r'D:\Kartdata\test123.shp' #Function that return modification date of files def modification_date(filename): t = ...


In short, you have to buy something but you have some choices to make. That unit is going to require some kind of software to facilitate you using it to gather GPS data and then using it in your GIS. If you choose to use TerraSync to collect your field data you will need to buy Pathfinder Office so you can transfer and convert the data you collect with ...


I did a work-around. I took the spatial reference text from my BC Albers coordinate system settings and copy/pasted them into my Pathfinder UTM10N export settings, then got the proper values for UTM10N off and manually swapped them into the appropriate fields in the Pathfinder UTM10N setup text. I had to remove the standard parallel ...

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